Filmy Mirchi

Filmy Mirchi net radio thrives on its own family of faithful listeners that tune in each and every moment. The only online Bollywood radio channel, Filmy Mirchi is especially intended for a digital viewer. We've got the very best of both worlds : conventional radio and a digital development -- far ahead of the time. Not meaning to show off just, but being a part of this Bollywood team has its privileges, and we pass everything we know to our listeners. Are you currently filmy enough to manage it?

Filmy Mirchi Radio that is a particular online channel! Content is devoted to your favourite films. Famous Indian and Bollywood film industry celebrities are invited into the studio for interviews. The ideal server Yashi runs reveals daily, weekly. Keep up-to-date with all the trends and information in the show industry of the nation. For dear listeners, live flow in great quality!

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