Gurgaon Ki Awaaz

Under the revised Community Radio Coverage Guidelines 2006, NGOs were entitled to apply. TRF implemented in 2008, and following due diligence from the Home Ministry was encouraged to appear before the screening committee in Shastri Bhawan. We obtained a Letter of Intent shortly after and then started the job of mapping our target community, performing a needs assessment survey and simultaneously applying for a Wireless Operating License.The whole procedure of licensing, in addition to mapping the neighborhood and putting together a group of community coworkers in addition to identifying a coaching and setup spouse took over a year.

In November 2009we eventually went on air after weeks of instruction by Ideosync Media Blend's Venu Arora and N Ramakrishnan who handheld us out of everything from how to prepare our studio to the way to compose, record, edit and broadcast, and above all, the way to remain true to the fundamentals of community radio broadcasting. Our antenna and transmitter are courtesy Nomad India Network. And Hemant Babu has encouraged us for more than a decade of broadcasting. Our playout system shortly migrated within weeks to Gramvaani's Gramin Radio Internetworking System (GRINS), and via that and Nomad's streaming solutions we also simulcast our broadcast on the world wide web.

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