Radio BongOnet

Their intention is to bring Bengali music of varied genres into the expatriate Bengalis in India, Bangladesh and all around the world. They've 12 live streams of different genres of Bengali music. Along with the internet, it may be heard on programs and various smart devices. Musically linking Bengalis across the World!

Now Abhra out of Kolkata, Moumita from Bangalore, Bijoy from Dhaka, Shatabdi out of Chicago and innumerable BENGALIS from all Around the World can listen to the Identical radio channel! Radio BongOnet is an internet channel from Kolkata (India). Listen to pop up content in caliber 128 Kbps in free streaming. The channel broadcasts a lot of individual channels devoted to different popular types of Bengali songs, poetry and other artistry in addition to caters to the demands of listeners with particular interests which are frequently not adequately served by local radio channels through it is interactive radio programs on a daily basis.

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