Radio City 91.1 FM

Listen to 91.1 FM Radio City on the internet in caliber 96 Kbps. From May 2008 music portal site - today provides amusement related news, indian tunes and vidios. On live streaming of the channel, for you, plays with the very best pop content.

Owned and encouraged by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), Radio City 91.1 is among the primary radio channels from India. It's been on air since 2001, broadcasting from Bangalore to 20 of the most significant cities in the nation.

It broadcasts 91.1 (previously 91.0 in many cities) megahertz in Mumbai (in which it had been launched in 2003), Bengaluru (started initially in 2001), Lucknow and New Delhi (since 2003). It had been established in Hyderabad in March 2006, in Chennai on 7 July 2006 and at Visakhapatnam October 2007. Radio City recently forayed to New Media in May 2008 together with the launching of a music portal site - today that offers amusement related information, movies, music, podcasts and other music-related capabilities. The Radio station now plays a mixture of Hindi and Regional music. In 2010, Radio City established its very first online radio station Radio City Fun Ka Antenna and they now have 18 online radio channels.

Radio City, part of Music Broadcast Limited (MBL) is a subsidiary Being the very first FM radio broadcaster in India and also with 19 decades of experience in the radio business, Radio City has always been the number one radio channel in Bengaluru and Mumbai with 24.7- and 15.3- typical listenership share respectively. (Supply: RAM Data, TG: 12+ Stage: Week 1, 2013 into Week 22, 2020). Radio City Delhi rankings #2 with 13.7- typical listenership discuss (Source: RAM Data, TG: 12+ Stage: Week 1, 2019 into Week 22, 2020).

Music Broadcast Limited now has 39 channels across 12 countries, Containing 62- of this nation's FM inhabitants. The system offers terrestrial programming combined with 17 additional web-stations, through its electronic port,

Radio City has spearheaded the development of FM radio offering Content that's exceptional, path-breaking and invokes city fire amongst listeners using its brand philosophy of"Rag Rag Mein Daude City". The network introduced the notion of agony aunt on tv using Babber Sher and Love Guru respectively. Additionally, it pioneered Radio City Freedom awards, a stage to recognize independent songs and provided a launching pad into budding fans with Radio City Super Singer, the first singing ability search on radio.

Radio City bagged 85 awards throughout international and national Radio City has also been known in'India's Best Workplaces for Girls -- 2019' and has rated one of the Top 75 associations on the listing. In 2020, Radio City rated 4th at'Best Big Workplaces in Asia', as stated by the GPTW poll.

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