Radio Madhuban

Radio Madhuban functions for its growth and upliftment of local community by informing, educating, enlightening and waking the masses. India's very first value-based community radio station, the channel boosts dwelling values and moral advancement in all spheres of existence. With particular focus on subjects such as education, sustainable development, youth and women empowerment, health & hygiene and natural farming, Radio Madhuban provides value-based instruction and infotainment 24x7. With many different on-air displays and thematic village-outreach applications, Radio Madhuban has been effective in creating strong bonds with the local community. The administrative branch of Abu Road contains of 82 villages scattered in a huge place. The inhabitants largely consists of families. Marked by extreme poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, the vast majority of the employees are agricultural laborers, farmers or participated in marginal activities that offer livelihood for under 6 weeks. Radio Madhuban has a listenership of over 1 Lakh individuals.

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