Radio Udaan

Radio Udaan is a distinctive and inclusive online radio station for those who have disabilities. It had been launched at the year 2014. Our channel runs beneath'Udaan Empowerment Trust and it's heard in over 115 countries and can be conducted by an enthusiastic group of contested RJs and team members. It's the sole kind of Radio Station that's run by disabled people and it has been over five years our channel is currently catering listeners a massive selection of shows. We're listened to in over 115 countries and also our yearly speaker figures shuttle between 15,000 to 20,000 listeners.

We've spearheaded the growth of internet handicap Radio by providing content that's different, engaging, enlightening and qualitative. Our Radio channel reflects the communities we all serve. We don't only provide content to our listeners but we take questions and assist our listeners direct a happy, happy and respectful lifestyle.

During our stage we develop awareness among people about the policies of authorities, the rights, newest schemes, Available India and each such deed which comes to our notice. When it's Diwali, Eid, Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, reside Olympics comment, Cricket Commentary, anything or elections, we all do live broadcast for our listeners.

We provide individuals with disabilities a opportunity to participate so they can develop and retain their views, perspectives and take part in various shows. Whether quizzes, games, entertainment, instruction or character growth, our channel has everything for everybody. A fascinating thing about us is that we understand what our listeners want. We stem from other backgrounds and understand the ambitions and needs of our listeners. We provide them the liberty to speak to us now and become part of Radio Udaan Family.

We plan to reach out to greatest potential men and women. We not only wish to be a provider of amusement and knowledge to our own listeners however we wish to be part of the day now life, family and way of life.

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