Sayaji FM

Alike our radio channel nearly all of our RJs are fresh here. However, all are so committed to Sayaji FM they attempt to give their best and work out the very best for us. We are all aware that, generally RJs come for 2-3 hours to get their own show and after that they move out. But in the Sayaji FM being a RJ isn't too simple task, coz they aren't just Radio Jockey. They're all in all their showthey can do everything for their own show, beginning from script writing, to choosing tracks, building a playlist, to boosting their display and maintaining a contact using their particular listeners. They're so hard working people who merely a word of admiration is inadequate for them. They believe good for Sayaji FM & anything is great for our channel in addition to whatever amuses our listeners. They operate at favorable surroundings and try to make friendly surroundings on AIR. The one outstanding thing relating to this Radio Jockey is they are thought manufacturer also, they provide new thoughts of displays and they create particular series for particular evening like mommy's day, father's day, friendship day, valentine's day, etc..

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